At the moment, there are several different models of accessories that will make your work easier and more convenient. Trolleys for moving ready popcorn, strong packages for temporary storage and, of course, mixers / cauters for savory and oils!

Coater RoboMix Mini and oil pump

Motorized mixer-coater, mounted on a mobile base, for flavoring and coating popcorn, such as buttered oil, salt, sugar powder, cheese powder, cheese paste and other savory additives. Batch loading of all the ingredients. The coater, secured on the mixer, rotates vertically, providing even, uniform coating of the product. This Mixer is mounted on a mobile base and has a table top with two insert bowls GN1/9 and one oil dispenser.

  • Coater volumetric capacity – up to 6,5 gallon (25 liters) of popped corn
  • Mixing time – 60 seconds
  • Oil dispenser capacity – 0.9 gallon (3.3 liters)
  • One push of oil dispenser – 1,3 oz (37 ml)
  • Mixing Capacity – up to 44,5 lbs (20 kg) per hr of ready-to-eat popcorn
  • Rated power – 50 W
  • Voltage – 1phase 220-240V
  • Dimensions WхDхH – 33.4x20.5x39.4 inch (850х520х1000 mm)
  • Mass weight – 82 lbs (37 kg)
Bag - holder cart for popped corn, wheeled, unassembled.

Assembles in a couple of minutes. Meant to be used with all RoboPop Poppers models for collecting and holding   popping corn. The bag is put on the cart’s bars from above, can be easily taken off when filled.   Facilitates the process of changing bags. 

  • Dimensions WхDхH — 20.9x20.9x32.3 inch (530х530х820 mm)
  • Weight — 29 lbs (13 kg)
Plastic bags for temporary popcorn storage

One bag holds 200 liters of popped corn. Transparent  bags, made of high pressure polyethylene with 1000 mm neck , 1200 mm film density.

50 bags per case.

RoboPopStar-72 high-production oil popping machine 72 oz

72-oz kettle popper is made of stainless steel. Kettle is equiped with mixing system and heated tube for automated oil supply.  

You can make classic salted popcorn or sweet popcorn with sugar or glaze additives.  

Single load – up to 2 kg

Kettle diameter – 550 mm

Additionally you can purchase a table with a base for RoboPopStar-72 popkorn machine.

Stainless steel table is open from 4 sides.  There is a removable upper part and tray for unpopped kernels. 


The machine presentation