Pour le moment est disponible le modèle suivant de la série Vortex Popcorn™, les machines de caramélisation RoboSugar et SugarLips, vitrines pour le popcorn.
Vortex Popcorn™ machine Robopop®
Vortex Popcorn™ Robopop® Vortex Popcorn™! No oil is used for popping; no carcinogens, no trans-fats, and production cost is lower. Vortex Popcorn™! Popped corn is immediately removed from the hot area, thus its nutritional value is kept as much as possible.
Caramelizer RoboSugar and SugarLips
Make your delicious gourmet popcorn snack with RoboSugar machines. Easy to use – set and forget!
Popcorn Display Warmers
Display cabinets keep popcorn warm and prolong freshness and crispness until ready for serving. Popcorn Warmer cabinets are ideal for point of sale counter impulse, helping you increase sales and keeping your popcorn fresh, warm and tasty. Suitable for a whole host of environments including supermarkets, concession stands, events, bars and cafes.
Additional equipment Other coaters of Robopop® series. This equipment permits to apply various popcorn flavors, such as buttered oils, salt, powdered sugar, cheese and other savory mixtures.